MRF Chase Master Pro Cricket Bat SH

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Short Handle
Players Grade Limited Edition English Willow
Round handle 12 piece treble spring cane handle.
Middle profile perfect for all types of players and all types of conditions.
Profile Made to Virat Kohli’s exact specifications in terms of profile it has a mid middle and an exaggerated hump in the sweet spot putting all the power in the center of the bat and the flat toe giving the bat an exceptional pick up. The pick up and feel of the Chase Master is second to to none and the performance matches that giving what is truly a test grade bat.
The edges are around 39mm – 41mm with around about a 62mm spine.
Comes with very minimal con caving to help keep the weight down along with improving the balance and the pick up.
With a square shaped toe with it being slightly slanted for better feel in the stance.
Usually comes with around 10+ clean and straight grains

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